Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The meaning of "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" and what is it to me.

As I was driving home from my doctors appointment. I got to thinking what the real meaning of the saying " Distance makes the heart grow fonder"  and what it meant to me. with Jason being gone and me here at my parents house again. It's kinda weird and hard at times when it comes to Mia and I. Just having to get used to telling someone how things go when it comes to Mia and I am just used to Jason knowing what to do. Also its kinda hard to talk to those 2 people when it comes to stuff about Jason and I. But at least I have 3 of my good friends to talk to about it all and you know who you are and I also have Jason to talk about it as well. As were only 2 weeks away from the one month mark until June, every single day I have started to fall deeper in love with  my husband,best friend, and the one I look forward to waking up to for the rest of my life. Now the meaning of ARMY WIFE and being CAPTAIN RANDOLPH'S WIFE has a whole new meaning to me. I don't think I am ever been more proud of him for what he is doing. I know he loves doing his job everyday as it has its ups and downs. When he's gone and I am sure I can speak for the rest of the Army wives who are or have gone through a deployment. That you start to really appreciate the life we are so honored to live and the adventure of it all as there are sometimes you just wish you were normal and didn't move so many places and you didn't have to say your see you laters. As you man the house hold everyday weather it be for a short time or a long time it never gets easier. Yea I live at home with family and I appreciate that soo much but to me this isn't HOME its just temporary. my home is where the 3 of us and the pets are living. As we do our daily routine we have everyday. As I see the combat boots by the front door with his hat and ACU jacket and as he comes in and tells me all the interesting stuff that went on at work just makes it all complete and a HOME no matter what state or city we live in. I am also thankful to be able have the opportunity to live in so many places that many people wouldn't live in. New experiences ,people to meet, things to do. I know this is also a time for me to achieve some goals I have to keep me busy and to become a better person not only for me but for my Jason and Mia. As I sit here typing this drink my morning cup coffee going over what I need to do today. I am living a life a army life that I didn't t think I would ever live, but now that I am I wouldn't change it for the world. I could never be any happier of the man I married, cause he is the man I had always looked for and now that I have him its like my life and adventures of our new chapter have just began. In the words of Mary Katherine Davenport " It is what it is and everything works out for the better oh and its all down hill from here heheh."

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