Monday, February 6, 2012

One month Closer

As I am sitting here having my ME time before my regular before bed Hubby and I time when he calls me like he dose every night. I am so very thankful for the communication hubby and I have during this deployment. I realize that this month marks a month closer to when Mia and I reunite with hubby and closer to when we make the move back to Fort bliss to unpack and buy all our new furniture and get situated before his arrival.

Believe it or not I am going to make it out of this deployment sane and in one piece and glad that I had that time to redo "me" during this time.Make "me" a better person, wife and mom. Also that at the end of this our marriage will be stronger for the better and I CAN'T wait till the day Mia and I get in the car all dressed up cute for daddy. To make the drive to Biggs Airfield to welcome him home. and knowing it will be the last time I have to come to our home with it being just Mia and I. It will be us as a family and knowing that we can FINALLY start our family. put the deployment behind us.

But till then Its one day at at time and focus on "me" finish my goals and count down the months till I have my OWN  place back and my stuff around me. I CAN'T  WAIT and I am sooo glad time is FLYING BY. It will be a relief when May rolls around and knowing I have one month left. I can't wait till I post a home coming post.