Saturday, November 26, 2011

At least we got one holiday

This past Thanksgiving was a special one for the three of us. The three of us got to spend it together. I didn't really expect us even getting to do that at all. I didn't think I would even get to see Jason till right after my birthday, so I already had my mind and my mental state ready for that. I can't complain at all that Amelia and I have 2 weeks with him in the middle of this deployment that isn’t quite a yearlong but long enough for us to get the R&R. We took advantage of the time to surprise his mom since I was already going to be there so they could spend time with me and Mia for a holiday. Little did she know, she was going to get a 6' 1" Thanksgiving and Christmas present all in one day. We went and got him this past Wed night. His dad and I made the excuse that we needed to go to Walmart for something, but instead we went to pick up Jason at the Corpus Christi airport. Just as we pulled into the neighborhood he called her and made her think he was still half way across the world getting up for the day. As he was talking to our daughter on the phone he walked in the house in the middle of it. She was sitting in her chair feeding Mia and she just cried. She was speechless that he was here just to see her and of course me and Mia. He looked at Mia and smiled and she just gave him the biggest simile I have ever seen her given her daddy. As he held her for the first time in 2 and half months and she had been talking to him on the phone and smiling knowing that voice was daddy. But it didn't faze her that she didn't know that face dressed in multicam and wearing combat boots. As I was writing about this little priceless moment between father and daughter, I was just shedding a tear or two.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Blessing

So I Haven't written in this thing for a week or so.Today as I woke up talking to Jason on the phone and emailing him like I usually do every morning and night before bed for a couple of hrs and skyping before he goes into work so that he can see Mia before she heads off to bed or sometime she is just laying there playing in her crib and I just go wake her for a brief couple of minutes to have daddy daughter time. Also it kinda like our time to see each other and say good morning and good night and so it's like were still getting our time together face to face. I love getting to see his I just woke up sleepy face with his glasses on. He looks like Mister professor in them hehehe. I am just glad during these now that its the first of November and we have 8 months left but hey who's counting hahah. I am just so blessed that we have technology to keep up with each other since we are half a world apart and he goes to bed around 11 pm or 12 noon our time and he wakes up as I am going to bed at 10 pm. I am just so blessed to be able to talk to him as much as I do. Because, I didn't think I would have the ability to communicate as much as we do with the emails , phone calls and skyping. So its like he still here in a way and that comforts me in a small way during these times.

Also I am glad that were not like it was during the Vietnam war where the spouses had to write letters and there husbands were gone for a couple of years or more. I am going to admit I don't think I could even last that long during those times with no communication. I admire those women who did do that and maintain the house and practically were single mothers and didn't know ANYTHING  going on with there husbands like we do. when we get updates through the Vfrg site, Earmy messaging and hearing it from our spouses as well and getting to have R&R too. Cause I don't think they had that back then like we do now and have 15days in the middle or when ever he can take it. 

So I am very grateful to be able to talk to Jason everyday when I wake up and before I go to bed and I love the conversations we have while he is at work talking to me. I am also very lucky to say that my husband isn't out on missions or patrols but those hubby's that are out there doing it are doing an awesome job out there and I know there spouses back home are proud of them as well. But even tho I talk to him everyday I still miss being able to wake up next to him, have our daily family routine and see him come home after work everyday putting those boots by the door and the ACU uniform on the chair laid out for the next morning. I love kissing him goodbye every morning as he goes to work and seeing him in his uniform cause we all know every military wife LOVES a man in uniform hahaha. I love seeing him hold Mia and the way they interact with each other and when he calls and she hears his voice and her face lights up when she hears daddy voice cause she know who it is and she looks around the room for him. 

so yes I am VERY BLESSED to have the technology and the communication have today. Oh and Mia N I are getting a early present from daddy this month. I am not telling what it is those of you who know what it is shhhh its a secret. I will tell everyone after we get it.