Friday, December 23, 2011

Challenges now and ones to come,

This past year has been a challenge and its nothing I can't handle. But I wish that I could say that I have not got my hopes up with things that have been presented to us as family and to Jason. I am still trying to train my heart and mind to not get my hopes up if something doesn't go as planned. In my life there is no planning, its just go with the flow. I have a little bit more to go before I can just not cry about it and let it get me down. I feel like I have to have a heart and mind with no feelings cause they are going to get stepped on again and again. I know thats not the case at all, I just have to handle challenges with grace and look at it that it could be worse. It actually can be worse but hey its not, I am very blessed that its not worse. This past year has been one of the BIGGEST challenges that I have and there will be many more to come to experience.

Some of those experiences will be not so good ones and some that will be awesome. It"s just part of the adventure I am on called the Military life. I am just beginning to find out just how strong I am in this life and how am I supposed to deal with certain things that are presented to me and our family. I know that by the time that Jason is home I will have it all figured out and this life was mement for me cause god wouldn't have let me live it if I couldn't handle it. Also that I am so very blessed to be apart of it and to see where it takes us as a family.